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Rig-less site Foreman

Dhahran, Eastern Province · Manufacturing
Your primary role is to supervise field operations of rig-less completion sites. You will engage in carrying out programmed work on deep or otherwise critical unconventional wells that are deeper than 15,000 feet, are complicated by pressure above 10,000 psi, contain sour gas, and with extended reach laterals. You will have direct field responsibility for the rig-less completion activities of unconventional wells located anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its territorial waters, as specified in the well completion program. Such wells may be exploratory or developmental, and entail the search for, or development of, unconventional hydrocarbon deposits, principally oil and gas.

Key Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:
▪ Perform unit level supervisory function at well locations remote to Operations headquarters on a 24 hour per day basis, R28, or R21 or R15 or S14 work schedules.
▪ Supervise the installation/removal of artificial lift systems in unconventional wells, such as road pumps and plunger lift systems.
▪ Direct all well operations expediently, safely, and according to accepted industry practices, as outlined and specified in the well completion program.
▪ Coordinate the timely ordering of required well materials, equipment, and services according to the well program. Document the receipt, usage, and transfer of supplied materials and equipment. Review service company field tickets for accuracy of services provided and associated charges.
▪ Ensures that  blowout prevention standards are met in all respects, including equipment configuration, testing, and crew response. Assure that site and personnel comply with established safety standards and procedures.

Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate, you should have a high school diploma alongside a minimum 15 years of related experience, with proven job knowledge to handle operational responsibilities on critical wells, and demonstrated personnel attributes of sound judgment, dependability, honest work ethic, and leadership. Alternatively, you can hold a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with nine years of experience related to rig-less completion of oil and gas wells.
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